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Web Site Components by K&L

K&L Productions can provide you with custom web site components that can be easily added to an existing web site to improve the content presentation and/or provide additional functionality. We have a number of components for you to choose from, or we can design one according to your specifications.


Custom Tool Tips enhance the presentation of the HTML title attribute which is often used to provide supplemental information about the content. It is often rendered by graphical browsers in a form of tool tip. The custom tool tip script allows presentation of this supplemental information in consistent manner with wider behavioral and presentational options.

K&L Quiz is a client side script that makes the creation of feature-rich quizzes simple, and adding them to your web page fast and easy. Online web seminars, promotion for a product, and entertainment are among the applications for an online quiz. Your quiz can be professional, easy, and accurate, with minimal investment of time and resources.

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