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Custom Tool Tips

This page presents a script designed for modern graphical browsers with enabled client side scripting. Unfortunately your browser does not have the functionality to run this script.

Web sites include supplemental information about elements using title attribute. An example would be additional information about a link, which pops up when a mouse hovers over it. It is rendered by graphical browsers in a form of a tool tip, however the presentation and behavior is browser dependant.

The Custom Tool Tips script by K&L Productions enhances presentation of the title attribute content when browser capabilities permit, without affecting the default behavior in non-graphical, older or noncompliant browsers.

K&L Tool Tips script allows you to specify presentational parameters of a tool tip, including font characteristics such as family, size, style, and color, and containing box characteristics such as background, border, and size. Those parameters can be defined for the whole web site, or for individual tool tips using CSS class selectors.

To further enchance the presentation of an element's title attribute, K&L Custom Tool Tips script provides the ability to specify a frame for the tool tip text.

K&L Custom Tool Tips script allows to customize not only the rendering of the tool tip text, but its behavior as well. You can specify the time delay between the mouse entering the target element and appearance of the tool tip. You can make the tooltip close after a defined time, when the mouse leaves the target element, or make it wait for a defined time period after the mouse leaves the target element. You can also make a tool tip remain visible until another tooltip is envoked.

Besides enchancing the presentation of element's title attribute, K&L Custom Tool Tips Script can present other content in a form of a tool tip. The default browser rendering of the title attribute is usually done in a single string, and therefore long content is often truncated. With K&L Custom Tool Tips script you can specify tooltip attribute for the same element that has title attribute. This allows you to have a shorter version of element's suplemental information in title attribute for default rendering, and expanded version in the tooltip attribute to be rendered by K&L Custom Tool Tips script. Even greater amount of information can be presented by creating blocks of HTML code and present them in the form of tool tips.


Single site license: $65
Single site license with support: $100
Multiple site license (support included): $75/site
Unlimited use license (support included): $250


If you are a web developer and interested in a detailed information on script installation and configuration, please consult the Script Manual.

Evaluation Version

Evaluation version of the K&L Custom Tooltips is available for download. Evaluation version can only be installed on a local drive or development server and used for testing purposes.

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