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K&L Slide Show

Welcome to K&L Slide Show

K&L Slide Show is a client side script which provides the highly configurable slide show presentation without affecting the accessibility of content in legacy browsers and those without required javascript functionality.

The script imposes no restrictions on content of slides nor it's presentation within a slide.

Script Features

The main features of K&L Slide Show script are:

  • Accessible slide show content
  • No restrictions on slides content and it's presentation
  • Configurable slide show control options
  • Automatic generation of slide list
  • Conformance with the current coding standards, which assure forward script compatibility

Content Accessibility

The K&L Slide Show works with the predefined HTML markup. When client side scripting is unavailable or inadequate, the content of the slides will be displayed on a web page in a normal flow. The script allows the developer to use different styling for normal and slide show presentations. This also simplifies the development of content since it can be done independent from slide show functionality.

For example, you can see the layout of this page if the scripting was disabled:

Script Modularity

Mount Hood Views

Mount Hood View
Mount Hood View
Mount Hood View
Mount Hood View
Mount Hood View
Mount Hood View
Mount Hood View

The K&L Slide Show script is written using object oriented approach that offers the following features:

  • The script does not interfere with other scripting components on a page
  • There can be several, individually configured slide shows on a page
  • Slide shows can be nested

Slide Content and Presentation

Any HTML markup valid within a block element can be used for a slide content. Authors have complete control over the appearance of slides.

This flexibility widens the range of K&L Slide Show script applications beyond the traditional "image with caption" slide shows. The complex slides that can include lists, tables and form elements become possible.

Slide Show Flow

The flow of the K&L Slide Show is controlled in two ways:

- this option makes the script advance slides automatically, with a delay that can be specified for every individual slide.
- this option makes the script wait for the input for slide changes.

In the manual mode, the slide change command can be initiated by a user acting on the slide show control element, or by a script using the slide show interface function.

Slide Show Controls

K&L Slide Show script gives web developers complete freedom in selecting the desired slide show controls, placing them on a web page and designing their appearance. The script uses the ID of control elements passed to it in configuration string to automatically install event handling functions.

The following controls can be used with the K&L Slide Show: start and stop buttons; first, last, previous and next slide buttons; slide counter; and slide selector.

Slide Show Controls. Start/Stop.

The start and stop controls switch between the automatic and manual flow of the slide show. They can be used at any time during the slide show to start/stop the automatic slide advancement. When switching to the automatic mode by clicking on the start button, the slide show advances to the next slide without delay

Any element that can be clicked on, such as button or image is acceptable as start and stop controls.

Slide Show Controls. Navigation Buttons.

The first slide, previous slide, next slide and last slide controls provide user with the ability to navigate through the slide show content. Just like start and stop button controls, these can be presented by clickable elements such as button, image, span.

Authors can include any number of the above controls, depending on the slide show application. For example, if an author wants users to go through every slide once, only the next slide control would be present.

Slide Show Controls. Slide Counter.

Slide counter is an informative control that can not be acted upon. It shows the current slide number and overall number of slides. This control can be represented by a text element such as paragraph, span or div.

As the user advances through the slide show, the K&L Slide Show script automatically updates the current slide number shown in the slide counter control.

Slide Show Controls. Slide Selector.

Slide selector is a control that is represented by a select element in either the drop-down or list forms. During script initialization it is automatically populated with the slide titles. The script can be set up to use header elements for slide titles, or text provided as part of the slide options string.

During the slide show presentation, the slide selector is updated to show the currently displayed slide title. It can also be used to jump to any slide within the slide show.

Scripting Interface

The K&L Slide Show script exposes a set of functions and properties which allow external scripting components control the flow of the script and access its status. For example, if the slide show is used to present a multipage form, the "NEXT" button would envoke some script that first performs validation of entries and if successful, calls the slide show function to advance to the next slide.

The scripting interface allows for easy interaction of the slide show script with other scripting components resulting in feature-rich applications. The details about the scripting interface are given in K&L Slide Show Webdeveloper's Manual.


Single site license: $50
Single site license with support: $75
Multiple site license (support included): $60/site
Unlimited use license (support included): $200


If you are a web developer and interested in a detailed information on script installation and configuration, please consult the Script Manual.

Evaluation Version

Evaluation version of the K&L Slide Show is available for download. Evaluation version can only be installed on a local drive or development server and used for testing purposes.

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