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K&L Quiz Script

This page presents a script designed for modern graphical browsers with enabled client side scripting. Unfortunately your browser does not have the functionality to run this script.

K&L Quiz is a client side script that makes the creation of feature-rich quizzes simple, and adding them to your web page fast and easy. Online web seminars, promotion for a product, and entertainment, are among the applications for an online quiz. Your quiz can be professional, easy, and accurate, with minimal investment of time and resources.

With K&L Quiz, your online quiz is fully customizable. Add pictures and design the layout to your own specifications. Present questions in sequential order, or randomly. You can assign values to multiple choice answers, allowing for more than one correct answer, and instruct your subject to choose the "best" answer. You can choose to display results, and/or explanations to your answers. Test your quiz functionality within the user-friendly interface, before going directly to the web site.


The K&L Quiz script is written in accordance with the current coding standards as defined by World Wide Web Consortium. This ensures that the script has cross-browser and forward compatibility.

The script is written in a way that separates its functionality from data, and from presentation. This makes script installation and configuration easy and provides for flexibility in presentation and interface.

The quiz can contain any number of questions. Presentation order of questions can be either sequential or random. Each question can consist of text, image or both. When both text and image are used, the location of text relative to the image can be one of the following: above, below, left, or right. When the location of the image is specified to the side of the text and the question element is not wide enough to accommodate both image and text, the text is placed below the image.

Each question can contain any number of answer choices. There can be any number of correct answers for every question. Presentation order of answer choices can be either sequential or random. Each answer can contain an explanation, which is revealed when the question is graded, or during the review of the quiz, depending on the chosen quiz flow.

When a question has multiple correct answers, the choices are presented as checkboxes. When a question has a single correct answer, the choice presentation can be specified as either radio button or checkbox. Each answer is associated with a grading value that is used in determining the quiz score. Grading value assigns different weight to different questions, allowing more difficult questions to count more. Positive grading value signifies correct answers.

The script offers two grading choices:

After the grading, the correct and incorrect answers can optionally be identified.

The script keeps the following statistics:

Script configuration file allows web master to specify which statististics are displayed during different quiz stages. It also contains all script propmts and screens giving web masters the ability to customize not only the text of these propmts but their language as well.

Quiz results can be specified as any number of score range - explanation pairs. Optionally, these results can be shown when the quiz is completed.

The K&L Quiz Script has the capability to report quiz results, and other supplied information, to a server side script. This feature can be used to log the results of the quiz for further analysis and review. This reporting is done in the background and is transparent to the user. The report can be submitted after the quiz was graded and at the end of the quiz (which is usable with quizes that are set up to continue with wrong questions after the quiz was graded).

The quiz script is accompanied by an editor page. The editor page accepts quiz data via a form, automatically generating a javascript file.

Sample Quiz

Quiz Name


Single site, single quiz license: $25
Single site, single quiz license (support included): $50
Single site, multiple quizes license (support included): $50 + $15/quiz
Single site, unlimited quizes license (support included): $400
Unlimited sites, unlimited quizes license (support included): $650


If you are a web developer and interested in a detailed information on script installation and configuration, please consult the Script Manual.

Evaluation Version

Evaluation version of the K&L Quiz Script is available for download. Evaluation version can only be installed on a local drive or development server and used for testing purposes.

This quiz script is fast, easy to use and flexible. Questions can have images. The number of answers can vary from question to question and you can have a random presentation both the questions and answers.

- Sebastian Palmigiani (wwww.tcmtests.com/)

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