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K&L Difference

In just over ten years of its existence, the World Wide Web has touched every aspect of everyday life. Web pages have changed from simple documents to full featured web applications. We can now book flights, pay bills, and order merchandise. Web technology changes fast, and K&L Productions keeps pace with all the latest trends to assure that web site designed today will work tomorrow.

Today, access to the World Wide Web is moving from the traditional desktop computer, to a variety of devices such as cell-phones and personal data assistants (PDAs). The Web is being made available to people with disabilities via screen readers, and other devices. Pages styled like printed brochures do not take into account the specifics of the web medium. For example, the font size cannot be changed by user or browser without compromising the layout or the entire content of the page.

K&L Productions designs for any device by separating content and presentation. For us a working web site is not the one that looks the same on common graphical browsers running on desktop computers, but the one that adequately delivers information regardless of device accessing it.

This approach makes web sites compliant with accessibility laws, that have been expanded to online information by an increasing number of countries. This also makes information available to more users, expanding the customer base and giving companies a competitive edge.

By putting content ahead of presentation we make sites search engine friendly resulting in higher ranking.

If you want to know how non-graphical browsers and search engines "see" your site, try viewing it with a text browser. Here is how our site, klproductions.com, is seen.

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